School Counseling Services

Facilitating Success . . . in all students daily!

Stokes County Elementary School Counseling Programs

Mission Statement

Facilitating life-long learning and success . . .

in all students daily!

 Vision Statement

The vision of the Stokes County Elementary School counseling program is to facilitate the development of all students to acquire skills that promote college and career readiness. The school counseling program is a proactive and comprehensive model focusing on the academic, career, and personal/social areas identified by the American School Counseling national standards. Our program, collaborates with teachers, faculty, staff, parents, and community stakeholders, also adheres to North Carolina Essential Standards and promotes socio-emotional, career, and cognitive development in all students.

 An elementary school counselor is  a person who . . .

  • listens to each child.
  • helps teachers and parents understand each child's emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth.
  • works with students, teachers, and parents.
  • helps children better understand themselves and other people.

 Students can see the counselor . . .

  • individually
  • in small groups
  • in classroom guidance weekly

 How can a student make an appointment to see the counselor

  • The student write a note or speak to the counselor about making an appointment.
  • The student may ask his/her teacher to speak with the counselor about a convenient time.
  • A parent or guardian may call the school or email the counselor to voice concerns about his/her child.